Zen mornings: 8.05am-8.55am
Zen AFTERNOON: 4pm-5pm

These are drop-in sessions, you are welcome to come at any point, please contact us 24hrs before attending.

Term dates for 2017:

Every Tuesday starting from April 25th for 8 weeks until June 13th.
Every Tuesday starting from September 19th for 8 weeks until November 7th.

Occasional two hour retreats on weekday mornings or on a Saturday or Sunday morning.  Check back for dates.

Timetable for each session:

Introduction: Ten minutes with Adam
Meditation 1:  Twenty minutes
Walking Meditation:  Ten minutes
Meditation 2:  Fifteen minutes
Conclusion:  Five minutes

Book your place here.

For the weekend two hour sit, there is a tea break after the first session and then there is the second session, following the same schedule as above.

Everyone welcome.